Introducing RaceCrewAi: Your Ultimate AI Racing Companion

Elevate your sim racing experience with RaceCrewAi, the pioneering SuperAI designed to revolutionize your racing journey. With a virtual pit crew of AI specialists at your service – from Race Managers and Live Driver Coaches to Setup Mechanics and Real-Time Telemetry Analysts – RaceCrewAi delivers the thrill of being part of a professional racing team.


Our advanced AI technology fine-tunes every aspect of your performance, providing personalized strategies, real-time vehicle adjustments, and live coaching to ensure you’re always leading the pack. Initially focusing on iRacing but with ambitions to expand across all major racing simulators, RaceCrewAi is setting the pace for the future of sim racing.

 Ready to experience the power of a real racing team at your fingertips?

Discover Hands-Free Mode


Experience the ultimate racing assistant with RaceCrewAi Hands-free Mode. Integrated seamlessly within your headset, RaceCrewAi offers real-time voice communication, allowing you to interact, ask questions, and receive updates without taking your hands off the wheel. Tailored to support multiple languages, this feature ensures that no matter where you are or what language you speak, you can stay fully immersed and focused on the track ahead. With RaceCrewAi, you’re not just driving; you’re being guided to victory.

What can you do with RaceCrewAi?

Use one AI-powered platform to research better and faster


“Boss” – TeamManager

Central AI hub orchestrating race strategy, team management, and decision-making with unmatched precision.

“Max” – Mechanic

AI mechanic genius optimizing vehicle performance through advanced diagnostics and real-time adjustments.
Customized Setup for all cars and all tracks and all disciplines!

“Maia” – DriverCoach

Personalized coaching AI.

He follows you at every turn and every moment of the race, from race engineer to drivercoach, helping you manage the race and the car! with live timing Imputs, and live time telemetry analysis

“Rocha”-Telemetry Analyst

Master of data analysis, providing critical racing insights and strategies through advanced telemetry.
Create Reports after each session to allow you to evolve.

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